Bes 5 not updating gal

With this particular customer that had PINs stored in Outlook Contact User Field1, the PIN’s were missing from the Black Berry.

We also saw that in some instances, the PIN appeared in the “Other Phone” field! When we placed a PIN in the other phone field (on the Black Berry), it mapped back to a phone number in the Outlook Contact.

Here is one method to bypass this and use the (UK) mobile phone providers Blackberry infrastructure and run it in conjunction with your Exchange system.

(I'll also mention here that run PCrun can provide fully managed Microsoft Exchange hosting* with the ability to add full "over the air" Blackberry synchronisation - starting at £14 p/mailbox/month, call us if you are interested in this.) This is attained with a little bit of tweaking and performs very well, although (obviously) the calendar,notes and tasks are not synchronised over the Internet as with the full blown server.

This meant that if you entered a PIN for someone in your address book, that PIN would be synced to User Field1 in the respective Outlook Contact.

If you updated the User Field1 attribute of an Outlook contact, that PIN would quickly sync down to the Black Berry address book.

For a real life problem, lets say you have a Black Berry 9630 with the PINs configured for several of your coworkers and friends.However not all situations are equal and there may sometimes be reasons for reproducing the setup below and is kept for historical reasons and for its comments.Most individuals that use their Blackberry in a small businesses environment would not buy Blackberry Enterprise Server for Exchange as it is simply too expensive and quite pointless for one or two users.A few months ago, a customer reported that certain users were not getting updated PIN information for their co-workers.Normally when they open an entry in their address book on a Black Berry 10 device, they would always see the option to compose a PIN message to that co-worker.

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