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Currently there is one licenced cannabis-based medicine in Britain, designed to reduce muscle spasms in people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

This distinction is based on current models of memory function, where déjà vu is caused by erroneous familiarity and déjà vécu by erroneous recollection.

Charlotte Caldwell, Billy’s mother, said his family was “crying happy tears” over his “incredible” progress.

“I just feel absolutely over the moon that at last we can announce some good news, it's been a real struggle for us,” she told “This is massive.

In this paper we take the view that déjà vu is a memory-based illusion, originating from the erroneous activation of the epistemic feeling of familiarity.

As such, we are interested in how déjà vu is experienced in epilepsy, how it relates to memory in epilepsy more generally, and neural accounts of recognition memory in epilepsy.

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