Emotional benefits of online dating dating someone 7 years older wrong

You join coworkers at happy hour and plot ways to sit next to him. You divulge lots of info to him that you wouldn't even tell your closest girlfriend.

Basically, it feels like you two would be a match made in heaven — except, you're in a relationship and have a promising future with your significant other.

But there's a chance it has more to do with your needs than it does your crush's perfect body.

Never want to talk about real, meaningful things with your spouse?

"You find yourself modifying your routine/schedule to see the person more frequently, the quantity and frequency of contact with him/her increases, and your feelings for the other person deepen and intensify." Also, pay attention to the butterflies that may be buzzing around your tummy when he texts and don't ignore these emotional changes.

To feel desired and wanted is a very powerful feeling, and some will risk everything (including their marriage) because this feeling is so strong." Since everybody's different, there's no universal answer to the burning question as to why you've turned to the guy from accounting for intimacy.

Instead of extending yourself to friends and family for things that they can provide way better than your partner can, you may fall into the trap of believing your partner just doesn't you — and that someone else might."Human beings are built for connection — it's wired into the depths of our being," says Dr.

Paul Hokemeyer, a licensed family and marriage therapist and a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists. This is why we're the healthiest and happiest when we're connected to a group of people rather then depending on a single person for all of our emotional and physical needs""Diversifying the sources through which we connect enhances our ability to thrive," he says.

"This does create a situation of 'temptation,' and not everything that takes place online stays online.

People are bolder when hiding behind a screen, and often click on send without thinking first.

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