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The comment has over 200 upvotes, which means people found it useful.I decided to add more thoughts, refine existing ones, and put it in a permanent place.Be a master of information– Many think it might be wasteful that I spent so much time on newsyc or read so many tech information sites. I’m at my worst when I’m isolated from people and at my best when I’ve at least spent some time with close friends (usually who I don’t know from business.) Make waves, don’t ride them– There was a famous talk Jawed Karim gave from youtube.He described the factors that made youtube take off in terms of secondary/enabling technologies.It takes a lot of time and scale, which due to cashflow issues will require large outside investment probably before you are a millionaire. That’s how business has worked for thousands of years prior to the 1990s. DHH explains this really well at Startup School 08. There are also things like Parrot Secrets, which make 400k a year.Information Products Are Valuable- E-Books, screencasts, And anything that can teach others to be good at something is a very lucrative business. Bonus points if the information helps a person make money (directly or indirectly) or improves their self image. That may get you a somewhere in the 5 figures, but word will spread that your shit smells.

If you do focus on a dollar amount, focus on the first ,000- This usually means you’ve found some repeatable process / minimal traction.Your primary metric shouldn’t be dollars- If you’re going after a big enough market and charging a reasonable amount, you can hit a million dollars.Focus on growth, customer acquisition costs, lifetime value of the customer, and churn. You could easily replace the SEO example with: App store, facebook, etc. What they think matters and they will ultimately put their money where their mouth is. It did not matter if I had not slept for two days, traveling across the country, or whatever else.I think they included (1- broadband in the home 2- emergence of flash, so no codecs required 3- proliferation of digital cameras 4- cheap hosting 5- one click upload 6- ability to share embed).Find those small pieces and put them together to make the wave. The other guys really just rode the wave they created (which is okay).

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