Is cm punk dating maria

If you’re not following Renee on social media, you might not even have heard that these two lovebirds got hitches.While we’ve seen them together as a very cute couple, journalist Renee Young only announced their wedding with a simple tweet of “marriage is nice” earlier this year.Anyone would look dainty next to one of the giants of wrestling, Big Show.He is actually the tallest guy in the wrestling world, coming in at 7 feet tall.He was married before, but he and Bess seem to be making it work, with 15 years of their relationship behind them already. We’ve heard on the street that Big Show won’t be working for too much longer, so the couple should get more time to spend with one another before too long. We certainly remember the Olympic medallist’s public split in 2008.Just two years later in 2010, Karen remarried, and again within the wrestling community, to Jeff Jarrett this time.

The couple have been together since 2001, and got married as part of the first ever season of Total Divas in 2013.

But ever since 2014, she has been married to Daniel Bryan, and they even had their first child together this year, a beautiful baby girl called Birdie Joy Danielson.

Naomi is another one of our WAGS who found fame on reality TV show Total Divas, after becoming a professional wrestler herself.

You might only just be hearing the news about his split with Emma, but he seems to be pretty much over the heartbreak, and onto the next great thing in his life!

He and Laurel shared pictures on social media recently of their birthday adventures to celebrate Laurel’s big day, and we’re pleased to say they make pretty much the wrestling world’s cutest couple.

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