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It's how a a guy from Lithuania would be mostly like.Don't like to be asked questions because at the end of the day he might feel like you dont trust him so he doesn't like being asked.He would even cry when he tells me about his feelings.He was willing to give up everything just to be with me.i think if you dont have the patience to get to know them (even if you do fight and argue) he will not be for you. I recently met a Lithuanian guy and he's the opposite of what you wrote girls!i find it charming and would like to find out about the sexual aggression he conclusion, i am still learning about him and i like him already. he also was a business major so that part is also true. He's pretty lovely, he's caring, he talks a lot about his life, family, job and the things he likes to do, he ask me about everything and I'm so happy.

But u get youesed tto it and my boyfriend is very effectionate and loving aswell as caring ...they don't tell you everythink at first but I'm sure once he knows he can fully trust you without having an argument and throwing shit back in there face they will open up to you.

Oh my god I'm so glad I found this its toattally answerd all of my questions because my bf is secrative, quite, doesn't like talking and not very loveing but he can be. I really like him and was worryed he didn't like me but I found this thanks for answering all my prays :) First of all why would you date somebody of any culture who is not loving ,aggressive and doesn't want to communicate ?

Do all lithuanians behave like that ermmm ofcourse not....

He would spoil me with small gifts(yes they dont spend on nonsense, but do know how to look nice and presentable so they do invest on themselves).

He loved it by the way that I take care of myself because I do live a healthy lifestyle.

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