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So let's dissect this like we did in seventh grade before I passed out due to innards everywhere, rendering me a useless lab partner. Guys -- girls don't want to hear about your favorite sports team, or your Mom, or your fantasy football league, generally.

Walk the line between oversharing and undersharing. Definitely.) But really, pick some basic stuff, and some not-so-basic stuff, to share with the people you're paired up with.

Plaintiff is the owner of a broad trademark portfolio related to its various products and services, including a large family of marks using the "J" prefix to indicate products and services ("J-family") designed to meet the needs of the Jewish community....

It may be true that the USPTO was granting lots of bad patents in 1999 (it was!

However, it took five generations for the girl's family to perfect the recipe, so the guy is now basically picking on her bubbie.

As you will soon find out, matzo ball recipes don't survive on their own.

), but that doesn't change the fact that this patent is almost certainly invalid.

The Observer article further notes that it appears at least some other dating sites have licensed this patent (including dating site giant IAC), but many others have not, nor have they been approached.

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