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This also unlocks different endings for each of the heroines. The battle system of the game is also pretty standard, but has a few niches I liked.

esque sequence and background music that chants, “I want to make love to you.” And then there’s also the dialogue which never explicitly states what goes on in classmating but there’s lots of touching something. Like many RPGs, elements are prominent, and in this game elements are chosen based on the heroine chosen for missions. In , this element is Dusk, which is strong against almost every element with the exception of Light.

The hero of our story is referred to as God’s Gift, someone blessed substantial amounts of Ether allowing him to perform tasks that Disciples cannot. Within the story, the protagonist encounters other female disciples and classmates them creating these demon looking Star Children that have different classes, stats and elements based on the mother, essentially the Pokémon of .

Likewise the dating sim aspect of the game goes hand in hand with classmating, where strong relationships created through different events, created stronger children.

If you're a purist or a collector, I suggest grabbing the Play Station version, as only the first print run of the game will come with the freebies.

In terms of game play and in game content, both versions are about the same.

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There are occasional ventures into harem anime situations (hello bathhouse scenes) and you can guide Shinjiro into potentially risqué situations, but the game shows enough light-hearted restraint to avoid becoming creepy.

It’s probably not something you’d want to play in front of other people if you’re easily embarrassed, though.

That could also just be me being an English speaker.

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