Updating xml clob in oracle

What happens when there are multiple wishlists in a single XML?

The query that we just created will fail, with the same exception that we saw earlier: “ORA-19025: EXTRACTVALUE returns value of only one node”.

As I am using a Oracle 10r2 database on my laptop, there is also a different kind of syntax you can use.

The Detail data is the actual wishlist, the toys that the child would like to get from Santa Clause.

And it makes sense, the Wishlist contains multiple articles in a single record so to speak.

Which of the articles should be shown when you only have a single record?

As the legend goes, he lives in Spain and arives in the Netherlands by Steamboat.

December fifth is his birthday and on that day children get presents. I am getting older 😉 Here is the Demo file I used in this blog.

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