Who is bobby valentino dating

Hmmm Word on the streets is that Bobby Valentino is getting tested for aids/hiv to shut up another tranny.

Well most of you are thinking well the baby Moma would have it too. Reminder Magics wife Cookie and their son did not have it.

According to some sources he has a wonderful net worth of 6 million U.

S dollars and nothing more is needed further to describe his success.

The video at the end of this article claims that Bobby Valentino refused to pay a transgender for services. Bobby has too much money to be leaving without paying for anyone's services. In 2015, there were rumors that Bobby was dating Jhonni Blaze. Jhonni was recently spotted on a date with Empire's Bryshere Y. The video shows the woman kicking Bobby out an apartment. While I agree that being transphobic is wrong, I expected this reaction.

The video is causing people to believe that Bobby V. If Bobby didn't want this information to leak he should have paid his debts.

Yeap, they are taking things one step at a time—and though we are not sure how depth this is, home girl seems to have found the Kwadwo Safo’s missing ingredient somewhere…

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It is all his effort, talent and hard work that have made his the celeb he is today.A song called Tell Me was released by him and it became a blockbuster.The very successful and very popular Lil Wayne featured in that song and another artist who made that song bigger was Tim & Bob.(Part 2) As we all know that Bobby V has been caught literally with his pants down by a tranny. makes a video where he does not deny what the world has seen but basically wants us to know why people can not live their life privately. That soft voice turns into Big Mike real quick when they dont get their cash!He also goes into saying that his family and friends support him no matter what.

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