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Dexter, who was born in North London, says: ‘Essentially it’s a story about growing up, but it’s the father who has still to grow up, not the sons.‘I have a natural affinity with children and adults who can’t accept adult responsibility.Bill lost his youth to drink and drugs and he is trying to build a new life. I have about 1,000 asks that just say “What on earth is happening? This week, a young woman came forward who dated Tom Milsom when she was sixteen.She made it clear that that relationship, which ended more than a year ago, was manipulative and exploitative.It’s something I experienced in my own life — it took me a long time to grow up.’‘I was on drugs and out of control.

Once I got back on stage I began to believe in myself again, and that broke the cycle of addiction. ‘He really liked it and said, “What can we do to spread the word?After all, his craggy face, framed by unruly hair, is one of British cinema’s most recognisable.But the actor, who has starred in more than 40 films and TV series and recently made his directorial debut in Wild Bill, says he is still most famous for his first role when he was aged just nine: Baby Face in children’s gangster movie Bugsy Malone.“He was like, ‘I guess every time I even look at a girl, people are going to say we’re getting married.’ But no, it doesn’t bother him.Even in a raucous Glasgow bar, heads turn and voices stop when Dexter Fletcher strides in, resembling a Dickensian urchin.

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